Paul gets a Lawn Care Surprise

In our desire to find the best stories to share none compare to this tale about a Lawn Care Surprise. Johanna had been pestering John all week about getting the yard done before he left for his trip to Europe. He kept saying that he would get to it on Saturday. Unfortunately, he was called into the office at the last minute on Saturday to have a couple of conferences in preparation for his meetings in Europe the next week.

By the time he got home it was far too late to head for the yard so he looked up a couple of possible lawn care companies to contact and arrange for it to get done. They would not be open until Monday morning so he had to ask Johanna to give them a call on Monday. She gave him a rash of crap but finally agreed to call and make the arrangements. So, they finished up and got ready for bed. Johanna still was not calmed done from their discussion so she just wanted to get some sleep.

John understood and wish her a great night and rolled over to go to sleep. He got up the next morning and got everything ready to go. He asked Johanna if she would like to out for breakfast before he left for the airport. She smiled and said she would enjoy that. She got up and dressed to go. John made reservations at their favorite Sunday brunch location and they headed there. They had a wonderful time together and were sad when it was time to go home as John had to leave shortly for the airport.

They got home as he gathered up his bag, his ride arrived to take him to the airport. Bill from the office agreed to drive so they didn’t have to leave two cars at the airport for the week. John quickly said good bye to Johanna and said he would call as soon as he arrived at the hotel. They hugged as if they had missed an opportunity to enjoy their touch. Since it would be a week before he got home they would have to wait until then to make up for the loss.

John called about ten PM that evening and confirmed his safe arrival. He could spend a lot of time talking as he needed to get a couple of hours of sleep before he got ready for his first call. Johann assured him it was ok and she would wait until he got back this evening to call her and talk. Secretly she could think of nothing better than to crawl into bed beside him and make sure he couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. She knew that the thought would only make this week harder so she squashed the thought and wished him a good night.

Johanna started calling the companies that John had marked for her to contact. But as she talked with them she didn’t feel comfortable with asking them out to the house while she was alone. She finally found one she felt comfortable but they could not come out until next Monday. She wanted to have it done when John got home on Sunday so she thanked the man for his time and moved on. She made it through the entire list and didn’t find one she liked so she finally gave up and decided that hiring a lawn Care Company was not going to work out.

She decided to talk with their neighbor and see if he could help them out to get it done. He had been using a company that came every Thursday to care for his yard and he was very happy with their performance. He went over and talked with his wife in the afternoon and arranged to talk with the two of them when he got home. Billy assured her that Paul would love to be of help.

She went back home and waited for John’s call. Johanna almost jumped out of her chair when the phone rang. She jumped to pick it up and answer it. John said hello and she let go a big sigh of relief as she finally heard his voice. They talked for at least an hour and told each other all that had happen to each other since he left. She explained to him out the calls she had made and how she had not found anyone she liked that could come out this week. She assured him that she would find a way to get it done so he would not have to worry about when he got home. He was happy she was going to try but let her know that if she didn’t he would get it done as soon as he got home, so don’t stress about it.

When Paul got home, Billy called her and said she should come over now and talk with him. She walked over and they had a good talk. Paul said he would love to help but he didn’t see how he was going to have time this week to get it done for her. She thanked him for his time and was about to leave and then turned to ask if he could at least show her how to use their mower. He said that would be a pleasure. He could come over the next evening and walk her through it and even watch as she started the work to make sure she could get it done.

The next day he came by as promised and they went out the garage and got the equipment out and he showed her how to put gas in the machine and then start it. He went thought the things she would need to know about operating it then encouraged her to try mowing a portion of the front yard before he left for home. She got started and ran the mower until it ran out of gas. Johanna pushed the mower back over to the garage. Paul asked if she had any other questions. She said it seemed simple enough, it was just going to take some time.

Paul told her to take her time and try to have some fun with it. He recommended that she just do one tankful each day and then it would be too hard for her and by Saturday she should be all done with it. That sounded like a great plan and each morning she went out to the yard and ran the mower for one tank of gas and it was starting to look very good from the work. ON Saturday she finished all but a little bit in the backyard and was going to get a little more gas to finish it off and then decided that she had a better plan.

She though it more and it sounded even better. She prepared all the things she would need for the next morning. John would be home at eleven AM and she wanted to make everything come together at just the right time. The next morning, she got up and got dressed in the special outfit she had prepared the day before. At just the right time she walked out into the yard and started the mower. She finished the yard just as John walked out and saw her standing there in his favorite nighty and a pair of boots that went all the way up her legs. He just about popped at the sight of her standing there.

She looked at him and told him she would make sure it was done when you got home and it is so you don’t have anything to do until tomorrow. That’s right but I am sure you have some things in mind to keep me busy long past then, don’t you? Probably but you are just going to have to find out as it goes.

All I know is either you come here or I am going to come and get you where you stand. Now John what kind of yard service provider would I be if I didn’t clean up my equipment when I was done with it. That is the last thing on your i=mind I am sure you are just trying to torture me as much as you can. Just a fun side effect for me to enjoy. When I do a good job, you are so much more satisfying when you finally get to me.

Ok Johanna it has been more than a weak and I am not going to wait another minute for you so get over here. With that she started running around the backyard and taunting him. He decided he was going to have to chase her down and get her under control or he was going to have a mess in his pants. So, he gave chase and quickly caught up with her. She wasn’t trying to get away or it would have taken a lot more time to catch up with her. He caught her just as they reach a spot in the yard where she had laid out a blanket and a bottle of champagne with two glasses. As she pulled him down she suggested a toast to a great afternoon in the yard. He looked at her and smiled as he poured the champagne. They had the toast and then she started taking his clothes off while stopping him from getting to hers. When she finished getting him undressed, she told him to lay down or she would have to tie him down. He decided to comply. For the rest of the afternoon they rolled around the back yard and made up for the lost week and more. When they finally headed for the house at sunset they went straight to the shower and then the bed.

Johanna had arranged to have their dinner waiting for them in the bedroom. She served them as they rested between events. Finally they past out at about three AM and didn’t wake up until after ten AM. You are going to have to imagine what happen next but Paul didn’t make it to work until Tuesday.

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