Lawn Care Games, Are You Good Enough

How many of us have tried to make a game out of taking care of your yard? If you haven’t you are missing out of a good time for all. I have a friend who decided that life was too short not to enjoy life. He knew he couldn’t get out of mowing the lawn so he decided that he was going to find a way to enjoy himself and possibly get others to join in on the fun. So he decide to get the Lawn care games started with his buddies.

His first attempt was to challenge his buddies at work to see who was the fastest lawn mowing person in the shop. He defined the rules for the competition and shared them amongst his friends and dared each of them to come and prove they were the best at mowing the lawn.

When he got home he went into the front yard and then the back yard with his mower and mowed around the edges and all the obstacles in the yard before the gang arrived so the yard would be ready and no one would complain that they had to do the edge which slowed them down. He supplied the mower so they were all using the same machine.

The rules would be simple each participant had 5 minutes to cut as much grass as they could and return to the starting point. After each person, the bag would be emptied and measured to determine how much grass was cut. Failure to make it back to the start before the timer ran out would cost the two ounces of grass per second they were late. They would be notified at the 1 minute remaining mark and again at the thirty second remaining mark.

At the end of the afternoon the winner would be the one who cut the most. As the men arrived they studied the lawn and planned their assault with the mower. Order would be by random draw. If everyone agreed that too much grass was cut in the front they would move to the back for the next competitor.

Once everyone agreed with the rules and the conditions. Each one received a slip of paper to write their name on and deposit in the bowl for the drawing. No one wanted to go first as they wanted to see how the grass performed before they got up. And no one wanted to go at the very end. The consensus that going third or fourth would be optimal and hope to be one of those. Once the names were in the hat everyone was offered a beer for a group toast to kick off the first match.

And then the first name was drawn and he grabbed the mower and waited for the start signal to start his drive. He worked the yard extremely well and tried to produce a checker board pattern as he went to increase the already cut yard one would have to traverse to get to uncut lawn. He did fairly good and made it back to the start just in time to avoid a penalty. His grassed weighed three pounds six ounces.

Once they finished the weigh in and everyone had their chance to verify the result the next name was drawn and he was off. He continued the checkerboard development started by the first man. He got back to the start about 5 seconds early but decided he was going to stop. They weighed his grass and he came up a couple of ounces short of the record set by the first person.

Next came the prized spot and the winner of the lottery got up and started right away to get going he focused on getting as much grass cut as he could. He seemed to be headed for a few specific parts of the yard where he felt the grass was a little taller and heavier. His strategy was a success and his load weighed three pounds twelve ounces.

The next person was just as happy to get his chance then and went right to work following the same strategy his predecessor used. He it back to the start 2 second late so he got a four-ounce penalty Leaving his load at one ounces short of the winning score. The next six contestants took their turn with no change in high score. Then the favored man was called out for his turn. He got started and was off to fast start and rapidly filled the bag with a full load of grass he was the first to fill the bag and finished with ten seconds to spare bit not enough time to empty the bag and get back out there.

His score was a new high of four pounds one ounce. There were three contestants to go and they looked over the front yard and determined that they should move to the back yard as there was not enough left to give the remaining people a fair shot. So, they all took a break and headed into the back yard for the rest of the event. The next contestant ran into a problem with the thick grass that was growing there. He got stuck in a very thick wet area and was barely able to make it back to the start in time. When they emptied his bag, he was close to the lead but fell two ounces short. The next person looked over the yard and choose a course to run the mower through. He took off and rapidly ran through the chosen course and returned to the starting position.

His load weighed four pounds three ounces to take the lead. Now it was time for the last contestant and he quickly looked over the back yard to see where he should go. Once he decided he got the start signal and worked his way through the yard cutting as much as he could begore returning to the start as the five minutes came to an end. Everyone looked intently as they emptied the last bag and made their predictions looking at it. Most people didn’t think he had a chance but when the put it on the scale it came down to the wire at four pounds three and one half ounce for the win.

Everyone one wanted to verify the weight as it was so close. When everyone had a chance to view the scale, he was announced the winner and everyone cheered the results. My friend had prepared a celebration party for all. And they took turns finishing the yards while they celebrated. The Winner was the first to take a victory lap and then the second-place finisher did his lap. This continued until there was no grass let to cut.

Everyone had such a great time they decided they needed to do this at least once a month but it should be at a different house each time. They decided on the next date and location and everyone looked forward to the next event and vowed to win now that they understood how it worked.

The group of friends have been doing this now six-months year for the last two years and each event seems to draw more participants as people find out about it. They have had to reduce the time for each participant to allow for the bigger competitors list.

So, who said you can’t have fun mowing the yard. Now each of these men cut their yard with the competition in mind and develop strategies to improve their performance each time. Some of the wives have even started to come over as spectators and join in the cheering. They have gone form the host providing the food to a full-blown potluck.

Now this is definitely not for everyone, but if you think you might enjoy it see if you can get one of your own going. Have great time, and until next time we wish you well.

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