Mary’s Lawn Care Horror Story

Most of us have a Horror story we can share when it comes to Lawn care. Here is a story that was shared with me that I though you would like to hear. It starts on a pleasant May afternoon. Bill is called out of town on a business trip and is unable to get the lawn done before he has to catch the plane to France.

He leaves his wife Mary behind trying to host a tea party with her friends in the back yard in two days. The yard had not been mowed in 3 weeks and it was starting to show it growth. While Mary understood what had happened to Bill, it did help her situation and she needed a fast solution to get the yard in shape and her husband was not going to be able to help.

Their yard company had closed at the end of last season and Bill had not found one he liked so far to give the contract to. Now Mary was going to need to either mow the yard herself or find a crew to get it done in the next twenty-four hours or she would have to do it herself. Since she was not in the mood or did really want to try and figure out how to get the mower running, she intended to find someone to mow her yard later today.

Mary started by calling her girlfriends to see who they used to do their yards and how they felt they did. After about 20 calls she had a list of three firms to call and two to avoid. She decided she would call the three forms and see if they were available and what they would charge for the job. The first company said they could not get to it until Wednesday. The second said they could do it on Saturday morning, but this was the morning of the tea party, so it would not work for Mary. The third firm said they could do it on Friday but the price would be two hundred dollars since it was a one-time job.

Mary took down the information carefully and thought very carefully and then decided that she would call a couple of the questionable firms just to see what they could offer. How bad could they be? Her girlfriends said they were not the best but they weren’t getting rid of them either. So she called the first one and found that they were just not interested in new business.

The second one would love the opportunity to show them how they could perform as their new provider and would only charge one hundred dollars for the visit. They would come out and get it done Thursday evening so she could be relaxed on Friday to get ready for her party. As Mary reviewed all the options she was drawn to the last one as they would be inexpensive and be done tomorrow evening rather than Friday or Saturday morning. Finally, Mary decided to call the last firm back and ask them to be there tomorrow and get it down.

When Mary hung up after agreeing on the arrangements she felt as if a great burden had been removed from her shoulders and she was able now to focus on the rest of the plans for the tea. She finalized all the decorations later that evening and stated working on the refreshments. Thursday morning, she finished all of the planning and preparations. She just needed to coordinate all of the vendors on Saturday morning and enjoy the party.

Then the crew showed up that afternoon and started work right on schedule. The first hour went well and they were about done when their mower died with half of the lawn undone. In fact, the demarcation between the done and the undone made the yard look more like a disaster zone then a yard. After the crew started packing up when they could not do anything else Mary got very concerned. She walked out and asked the foreman what was happening. He responded with the lawn mower had frozen and they had to take it to the shop for repairs they would be back tomorrow as soon as it was working again and finish the yard. Sha asked how long it would take and they said until the shop got a look at it they couldn’t tell. It usually took them a couple of hours though.

She thanked them and went back inside and saw why they were a questionable firm. Friday morning came and went with no lawn crew coming around to finish the job. At noon she called the firm to find out what was happening and was told that the mower would not be ready until four o’clock and then they would be out. Sure enough they arrived at four thirty and started to mow the yard and they were making great progress when just as they were about to finish the mower died again.

They had mowed everything but a thin strip down the middle of the yard when it froze up again. She went right out and asked if they could finish up the little remaining piece before they left. They asked with what. And she said how about your edger it is just a little strip. They agreed to try and pulled the edger out and went to work. As they were working on the strip they cut a little too deep in a few places, but they were able to get it all cut.

As darkness fell before they finished she was not able to get a good look at how it looked. She had to wait until morning to see if it looked ok. When she got up on Saturday morning she went straight outside to look over the yard before the vendors arrived. When she stepped outside her face went white when she saw the center of the yard where they finished the last bit of work. There was a great big hole in the grass where they apparently dug a hole with the trimmers.

Her mind instantly went to finding a way to hide the hole. She knew the only way to hide it was to set something on top of it. But what would cover it without looking out of place. Then she realized that the desert table would cover it very nicely and nobody would know. She quickly went to work to reorganize the yard before the vendors arrived and she finished as the doorbell rang with the furniture rental group ready to deliver the tables and chairs.

She went straight down stairs and showed the layout of the yard and they went to work and ot everything setup for her. But as they were about to finish the foreman knock on the door and told her they had a problem with the hole. It would not allow them to set up the table tin a stable manner. She asked if there was any way they could make it happen. They told her the only way would be to place a platform down to set the table on so it would be even but that it might cause damage the lawn. At this point she could care less and told them to make it happen.

The party went off wonderfully and her friends were all impressed with the yard and how she had arranged everything. After the party was over they came and took away all of the furniture. When Bill got home Sunday morning and looked into the backyard he saw a nicely trimmed yard with a hole in the middle and a brown rectangle surrounding it. He looked to Mary with a very puzzled look on his face and she just smiled. Her only response was my party was a hit, how was your trip.

Rather than asked for the details of how the yard got to this point he decided that he was going to take care of the yard or next time it may be totally destroyed, this could be fixed but would take a lot of effort and money to accomplish the task. By the end of summer, the yard was back to normal and they had both forgotten the incident, and Bill never heard the story as to how it happened.

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