Getting Lawn Care Done on Your Own

Lawn care can be a major problem when you need to do it alone. When I lost my job several years ago we owned a home that sat on 0ne and one-third acres. We had been paying a lawn company to care for our yard which was almost totally lawn. After about a year of being unemployed we decided we could continue to pay for someone else to cut our yard so I took over the lawn care.

There were two problems with this decision, first We lived north of Dallas Texas where the summers reach temperatures of upper nineties for most of the summer. Second we only had a small gas powered push mower that had not been used for six years. I was able to get it working for a bit but it only lasted a few weeks before it finally gave up.

It had set idle for so long, several seal had dried out and since I didn’t replace them, the motor burned itself out. So now my wife had the great idea of buying a hand push mower. As I explained to her that trying to mow the yard with a hand mower would be a full time job as it would take at least four days to mow it once and since it would have to be mowed at least once a week we would start over shortly after we finished. Since it was the end of the mowing season and we just needed one more good mowing a friend loaded us his mowing and I was able to get the yard ready for the winter season.

At the end of the winter season I was able to mow the yard one mow time before returning the mower to my friend, so my yard looked pretty good until then. But then the problem became how could we keep the yard up without an income to be able to afford a new mower. We had become friends with a neighbor that regularly cut his own yard and he agreed to allowed us to use his riding lawn mower once a week to cut our yard.

I do have to say the difference of cutting it with a riding mower and using a small push mower was massive. It had taken 2 good days of pushing the mower to get the yard mowed with our little power mower. I was able to mow the yard in a couple of hours with the riding mower without having to stop every few minutes to cool down and get some water to drink. The biggest problem was learning to cut close around the edges and object in the yard we could not move.

After about three weeks I became quite experienced at getting it done well. We were able to keep the yard looking good with the mower and a lot of time working in the flower beds and other parts of the yard. Our neighbors were quite happy that the yard was not overgrown and looked like an abandoned house. We were able to use the mower for the full season and were quite happy to be able to keep it done.

During the next season we were trying to market our home so we would not continue to miss payments and fall deeper into debt. This meant we had to keep the yard in top shape and ready to be seen at any time someone chose to look at it. We borrowed the neighbor’s mower for the first few weeks but it was getting harder to be able to connect with him to get the mower as he was now retired and was traveling a lot.

As it came around for us to mow the yard another neighbor of ours discovered our dilemma and asked if he could help by having his lawn care company take care of your yard for us that year until we sold it or otherwise resolved our situation. We happily agreed to his offer and thanked him for his support in our time of need. The yard was kept in tip top shape the entire time until the house was sold that summer.

While I enjoyed the activity of keeping our yard in good looking condition I can’t say I missed the two hours of lawn mowing in ninety-nine degree temperatures in July and August. I have even more respect for those men that make yard care their career in Texas as the time when the lawns need mowing is usually extremely hot and it just doesn’t cool down very much.

So if you think that your lawn care team doesn’t earn their money then consider doing it yourself for a season and see what the time and effort that is needed as well as the costs of the equipment and its care to be able to keep your yard looking its best.

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